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Living with Autism

How does this affect parents?

Personal development is a key area of focus for parents that have had a child diagnosed with Autism. Not one family comes prepared with the tools and techniques to be able to have acceptance, coping mechanisms, and make a change when having a diagnosis of the Autism Spectrum condition.

Despite the level of Autistic traits within the child, when it is your own child it is different than when you hear about just the condition.  With the amount of information about the Autism condition, terrifying belief systems develop as the spectrum is a level that intensifies the effects of the condition within each child.

This generalization generates a state of sometimes unnecessary panic and worry, leaving parents feeling helpless and confused about what the future brings or may bring creating negative images in their imagination.

With the negativity about having deficit areas the association has a negative impact on people’s energy levels and clarity.

Training and personal development is recommended for every individual in the world let alone parents that have to go that extra mile.​


How does this affect the child?​

The child is affected in many ways, one of them being lost within them self. Low functioning individuals that have not unlocked the different areas of their full potential yet, experience various imbalances which include; behavioral, language, emotional wellness, interactional, motor and communicational competencies to name a few.

Individuals that are deemed above the low functioning level of the spectrum also vary in the above competencies; however seem to be less complex to unravel.
It’s important to note that each person that is deemed at various levels of the spectrum is an ‘Individual’ and have their own mind map for success therefore needs to be approached with individuality rather than as an individual with the generalized deficit areas.

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