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Services & Fees


Phone Sessions:

Conducting sessions by phone is a convenient and cost effective way to get the guidance you desire! The phone is great for initial consultations, daily/weekly sessions, or for emergencies. Some people may feel more comfortable with voice-only communications.


Duo Sessions

Duo is a videophone service that is free to use for calls. I have it on both my computer and cell phone so that I am always available to see you! You can download duo for free. It’s a wonderful way for a coach\client to communicate. We will be able to see body language and feel a better sense of connection to one another with the visual aspect of communicating.


In-Person Sessions

 I do have the ability to meet you at coffee shops, malls, bookstores, or various other public places where we can find a comfortable place to sit and talk. I find this informal setting to be much more beneficial to the coaching process. We are out in real life and not in the stuffy confines of a very formal office.


If you’re ready to take your life to the next level right now, it’s time to hire me as your Autism Parenting Life Coach . You will truly be amazed at just how much is possible for you with the right guidance and support. Don’t wait another day to take this critical step toward a happier and healthier family dynamic!

As your coach I will offer you sound and unbiased guidance as you face major decisions and steps in your parenting journey. A parenting coach can also help you clarify your goals and expectations and help guide you as you move towards a more proactive path.

Autism Parent coaching is also an excellent resource for parents who have a clear vision and set of goals but are having a hard time creating a plan to achieve those goals. Let me walk alongside you as you SOAR and move FORWARD. 

"Coach Nadia, is a life saver. I was ready to throw in the towel, but after hiring her as my coach, I found peace within and many tools to help out my son and daughter as they move forward in life. She also helped me become a better me." 


~Kathy Snider

" Coach Nadia, was direct and to the point. She created an action plan for my family and I and we accomplished all our short term goals."

~Mr. & Mrs. Franklin

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